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Since 2010, our fabrication shop has produced hundreds of rails, boxes and features for dozens of resorts across North America. We pride ourselves on creating some of the safest, strongest and longest lasting features available. As riders, we know how features should be built to offer the smoothest slides through kinks and around angles. As machine operators, we know how durable features must be built to withstand transportation, installations, and dig-outs from winter storms. If your inventory of park features is getting tired and dated, ASP Rails should be your first choice to upgrade to. Your clientele will instantly notice the difference.

Below are examples of standard shapes, available on almost all of our sliding surfaces. We also offer dozens of other unique shapes upon request.

ASP - Feature Shapes - 01 - Flat.png


ASP - Feature Shapes - 02 - Flat Down.png


ASP - Feature Shapes - 05 - Up Down.png


ASP - Feature Shapes - 03 - Down Flat.png


ASP - Feature Shapes - 04 - Down Flat Down.png


ASP - Feature Shapes - 06 - Battleship.png


ASP - Feature Shapes - 07 - Rainbow.png





Ideal for beginners, still fun for the pro’s. F-Boxes are a must have for any terrain park. For first time park users, the F-Box is what they will likely try out first. There are endless possibilities of shapes and sizes. Minimal snow is required for installing F-Boxes. Available in 1’ and 2’ wide.


T-Boxes offer the same great sliding surface as an F-Box but are built on a rail frame. Using less materials than an F-Box, T-Boxes can be a slightly more affordable option for boxes. Available in 1’ wide.


Dance floors are the widest box we offer. Big enough for a dance party on them (and yes, it’s happened). Even less intimidating for beginners than F-Boxes because they are so wide. Easy to ride when set up flat, or increase the creativity by setting them up on angles or high up on raised snow pads. Available in 4’ wide.


If you’re looking for a smaller version of our different sliding surfaces, the Junior Line is it. From Boxes to Tankers, we trim them down to make them less intimidating for younger riders, or newer park users. With a panel height of 12” or 16”, everyone will feel like a hero on these.

ASP - Sliding Surfaces 11 - Junior.png


Our line of Aluminum framed boxes are designed for the first time mini jibbers. They are ideal for backyards, ski and snowboard school zones and progression parks. Easily movable by two people, so removing them at the end of the day to get a fresh nightly groom is no issue. They are available in 8’ long and 18” wide.


When a rider is ready to take that next step from only hitting boxes, Flat Bars are generally the next choice of rails. Offering a flat surface area to slide on, it keeps the riders confidence high, while improving skills. From a simple flat rail, to battleship, to a triple kink, Flat Bars will always be a staple in terrain parks. Available in 2″, 4″ and 6″ width.


Bring the streets to your park with a single bar rail. Smaller diameter and round in shape, Single Bars are best to emulate handrails you would see in the streets. Once a rider progresses enough to slide round rails, that’s all they’ll want to hit. Available in 2” and 3” diameter.


Two or more single bars welded together to create a wide and smooth sliding surface make shotgun rails very fun to ride. This style rail offers the rider a great transition from flat bar to single bar. Available in 1.5” and 2” diameter in double, triple or quad barrel configurations.


A bomb proof rail that not only rides great, it looks great too. With thick gauge steel, these 6” diameter rails can be built with panels or without to keep that sleek look. Easy to carry with a snowcat, simply by strapping the rail to the blade. Fat Bars have become one of our most popular rail over the past few years.


What’s not to love about the Tanker? Nice and wide, easy to learn tricks on and so many ways to set them up. Available in a variety of lengths and shapes, these large diameter rails are quickly becoming a staple in snowparks everywhere.


Wall Rides are a perfect learning tool. A rider can start at the bottom and slowly work their way to sliding or stalling on the top. Wall Rides are great for changing a riders directions for bends on a run, or slowing them down at park exits. Great for testing a riders skills with multiple sliding options available.


These features are designed to challenge a rider’s creativity. Sometimes the situation just calls for something unique – these rails won’t disappoint. Sit back and watch the show.


Custom builds are our specialty. If you have an idea or need a concept developed, we will work with you to make your custom feature a reality. We also have a wide variety of branding options to give a companies logo maximum impact.

If you would like to purchase, or find out more information on our rails and boxes, please hit us up below.

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