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 At its core, Arena Snowparks is a park building company. Our greatest sense of satisfaction comes from working with resorts to start up a park, improve on what they already offer, or take a good park to the next level. The terrain park is an absolute ‘must have’ for any modern resort. Many customers will make the decision on what resort to ride based on the quality of their terrain park. We know value in recognizing the needs of your customers and the importance of designing a park to best suit the clientele. The great thing about parks is that they are always changing, and we’re proud to be at the forefront, inspiring new trends and ideas. We build parks how we ride – with a sense of adventure. We don’t always follow trends, or the fall line. We use natural landscapes and transitions to make parks flow, and open riders eyes to find new lines. Our ultimate goal is to create safe, fun and well thought out terrain parks that will keep your park riders coming back for more.

From design and construction to operator training, we have you covered. ASP is the trusted name in Terrain Park development.

Working with Arena Snowparks was one of the best things we have ever done to help move our park forward.  Over the years the Terrain Park had slowly been losing market share with other resorts capitalizing, but for 2018 we had some big plans; new location, new operators and new partnership with the best in the business.  ASP was able to bring a fresh look to the park and exposure through their social media channels, building hype all season long.  When local teams found out that Blue Mountain would have the best jumps in town they started flocking to the park to train on the best and safest jumps in Ontario, and we have already gotten confirmation that many local teams will be making Blue Mountain their permanent training home for the 2019 season.
— Mike Towers, Terrain Park Manager, Blue Mountain Resort

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