There is an army of backyard park builders out there. Every season we get more and more inquiries about rakes and rails for backyard set-ups. We read you loud and clear, building a snowman is just not cutting it anymore –the kids want to jib!

We’ve designed a series of no frills, low cost features for your yard. Using lighter materials than our resort features but still built to ASP’s high standards these features are easy to move around and set up. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a session on a feature you shaped yourself. The Backyard Series will help you transform your yard into a winter playground. Of course if you have any other shapes or designs you want, we can do it all.

Click image for a larger view.


Click image for a larger view.

For a limited time we are pleased to offer a complimentary ASP Park rake with the purchase of $800 or more worth of features from the Backyard Series if you order before December 31, 2013.

The Park is a favourite rake for park builders everywhere. It is ideal for cutting icy ruts and raking out take-offs. It’s light weight and laser cut blade make it easy to stay on top of snowpark maintenance. Constructed out of anodized aluminum with a laser cut removable blade.




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