“The Ranger Rake is the preferred tool of our Park staff. We have tried every other implement available on the market today, and always come back to the ASP Snow Tools. By far, the best in the industry.”


Brian Finestone

Parks Manager at Whistler Blackcomb

Park Rake

The Park is a favourite rake for park builders everywhere. It is ideal for cutting icy ruts and raking out take-offs. It’s light weight and laser cut blade make it easy for park staff to stay on top of snowpark maintenance. Constructed out of anodized aluminum with a laser cut removable blade.

Ranger Rake

It you’re only going to have one type of rake in your park the Ranger is the one. It has a bigger blade than the Park rake, which makes it well suited for moving a lot of snow. Its laser cut blade is great for re-building and raking out take-offs. Made from anodized aluminum. A real snowpark workhorse.

Ace Vert Shovel

The Ace is a telescopic vert shovel ideal for shaping transitions and the sides of large jump take-offs. It comes with a removable stainless steel laser cut blade and its anodized aluminum handle can lock into different lengths between 160 cm to 320 cm. This is the ultimate tool for the master park shaper.

Ace Lite Vert Shovel

Lighter than the Ace, the Ace Lite has a one-piece 160 cm anodized aluminum handle and a laser cut stainless steel blade. The Ace Lite is the perfect shovel for shaping the sides of jumps, cutting the vert line on halfpipes and shaping snow- cross features.

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