With over 17 years of snowpark design and construction experience, Arena Snowparks has everything you need to make your park or event a success.


Design and Planning

•    Snowpark site and location analysis
•    Dirt work
•    Halfpipe in-ground design and specifications
•    Snowmaking planning
•    Equipment requirements
•    Snowpark planning that focuses on rider progression
•    Park signage and boundaries


•    Thousands of snowcat hours building snowparks and event features
•    Major event experience –Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Snowcross, Big Air, Special event rail/street set ups
•    Full laser/receiver guidance system for halfpipe builds
•    Snow management and snowmaking placement
•    Snowpark and event maintenance
•    Park operator snowcat training
•    Hand shaper and daily park maintenance training


•    Full line of rails and boxes
•    ASP has its own fully equipped fabrication shop. Ensures quality design and construction of every feature
•    Extensive experience in custom builds
•    We offer a line of fully modular rails and boxes. This allows you build any shape rail or box you like –and change it whenever you want


•    Wide selection of rakes and shovels
•    Constructed out of anodized aluminum with laser cut aluminum or stainless steel blades

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