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With one week to go until the start of the Camp of Champions summer ski and snowboard camp and the park is really starting to take shape. The large , medium and progression jump lines are in, the mini pipe has been stepped out and is ready to cut, the rails have been flown up to the glacier by helicopter and the Jump for the Billabong TTR event has been pushed and will have the take off built by the end of the weekend. The diggers will be up on the snow on Friday to start with rail installation and hand shaping. We have pushed tons of snow in the last three weeks and there is still plenty to go ...

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WhisltlerBlackcomb wanted to end the 2010 park season with a bang. The WB Parks crew teamed up with Arena Snowpraks to install a 90ft Combi Box just above the entrance to the Highest Level park. A big crowd showed up for the Showcase Snowboard Shop Rail-O-Rama jam on Sunday. Prizes where handed out for best trick, longest ride and raddest slide. Monday went off as well with riders throwing down their last tricks of the season on the 90ft beast. The Winter season is over for but skiing and snowboarding start up again on June 19th on the Horstman Glacier. The Camp of Champions starts up on the Glacier June 25th and it’s going to be an epic summer –20% ...

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The World Ski and Snowboard Festival wrapped up this weekend with the Grenade Games 6 pipe comp and grand finale valley Slope Style. Up on Blackcomb the pipe was riding nicely and the riders where down for a day of fun and pipe jibbing. Along with finely shaped walls the pipe included a 8ft high log hitching post on the right wall and the Grenade piñata on the left. Down in the valley crowds gathered on Saturday night to witness the Slope Style finale. The course started out with a multi option feature which included a kicker over a gap and a 50ft down flat Combi Box. After that they went into a big log launcher, mini hip and then ...

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Whistler Blackcomb hosted the WSI Ski Superpipe competition in it’s new 22 foot pipe Tuesday. This was the North American competition debut for a Global Cutter shaped halfpipe and the skiers where boosting due to the smooth transitions and larger landing area of the finely shaped 22 footer. The pipe will now be handed over to the snowboarders for the Grenade Games Superpipe competition which takes place on Friday April 24th.Down in the valley ASP is working on the slope style course for the grand finally of the Grenade Games happening Saturday evening at the base of Whistler. World Skiing Invitational Superpipe Global Cutter equals smooth transitions First hit in the Blackcomb pipe

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The Orage Masters Event went off on Whistler Mountain this weekend. We saw a bit of rain on Saturday but the course held up well and the teams where putting on a show for the crowds gathered in the village. Arena Snowparks will be back on site Monday morning to start construction on the Grenade Games slope style course which happens April 24th under the lights at the base of Whistler Mountain. Blackcomb’s new 22 foot Global Cutter shaped halfpipe opened to the public on Friday and received rave reviews. The pipe will be the site of the World Skiing Invitational and the Grenade Games competitions starting April 18th through to April 22nd. Orage masters team cribs Downflat combi box ...

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ASP crews have been in the valley all week on Whistler Mountain constructing the slope style course for the Orage Masters competition which takes place on Saturday. Ace park builder and ASP Rails welder, Anthony Ortes, has been logging some long days down in the slush dialing in the course and installing the rails and boxes. Up on Blackcomb mountain, John Melville, has been putting the final touches on the 22 foot Super Pipe. John has also put in some long days and has managed to get the pipe open early so the public can have a chance to ride the new pipe for a couple days before the the World Ski and Snowboard Festival takes over. Anton pushing the ...

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