WhisltlerBlackcomb wanted to end the 2010 park season with a bang. The WB Parks crew teamed up with Arena Snowpraks to install a 90ft Combi Box just above the entrance to the Highest Level park.

A big crowd showed up for the Showcase Snowboard Shop Rail-O-Rama jam on Sunday. Prizes where handed out for best trick, longest ride and raddest slide. Monday went off as well with riders throwing down their last tricks of the season on the 90ft beast. The Winter season is over for but skiing and snowboarding start up again on June 19th on the Horstman Glacier. The Camp of Champions starts up on the Glacier June 25th and it’s going to be an epic summer –20% more terrain, second best snow year on record, four complete Combi Box set ups, a five star TTR event in the camp with a specially designed jump and much more. Check back for updates on ASP’s camp build progress.

Anything is possible on the combi box

A little foggy but the riders were stoked

Doubling up on the combi box